Robert M.

Treasurer of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (2014-2018)

As Treasurer of a local nonprofit corporation, l have worked with Sandy Sticken for about 2 1/2 years. I have found her to be extremely conscientious, hardworking, and reliable in maintaining our QuickBooks general ledger and in carrying out other related duties.

Sandy has performed a full complement of tasks associated with the setup of a new chart of accounts; establishing and maintaining QB customer and vendor lists; and monthly bank reconciliations for several bank accounts. If a large or unusual item comes to light, she has the foresight to clarify or verify an appropriate accounting treatment of the item. Similarly, if a legitimate question arises as to whether a vendor should be paid, she will exercise initiative to initiate a discussion seeking approval prior to a check issuance.

Sandy has also been very responsive as a cash manager, making deposits, issuing checks, and timely entering the appropriate QuickBooks entries. Further- more, our organization has 25 separate committees with budgets. She often finds herself communicating with and serving the needs of many internal customers, primarily making sure expenses or reimbursements are timely made.

Finally, Sandy is an extremely ethical individual who understands the need for strong internal controls, insisting on proper documentation before a check is printed. She takes pride in knowing her end product has a high level of integrity and accuracy. I definitely recommend her to any individual or business seeking professional bookkeeping services.

Rev. Debby H.

Blissful Presence

I have had the privilege to have personally known Sandy, of Baileys Bookkeeping, for over 20 years and professionally for several years. She has helped me with bookkeeping at Blissful Presence LLC. She is very detailed oriented and meticulous at what she does. She has been a lifesaver in answering and researching any accounting information we have needed. She is superb at detecting errors in my accounts and in reconciling them with me, the client. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs their business' bookkeeping in order.

Kirk S.


I have had the benefit of Sandy's bookkeeping knowledge for five years now, and it has been very helpful in many ways. Being new to the business of town home rentals, I did not know the rules around 1099's and the need to get them when I have handymen do work for me. Also she gave me guidance on renters, when they ask to paint or do updates to the rental, that I need to personally purchase the materials for them. With her help, tax time has been a breeze.
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